Glastonbury Arts

Glastonbury Arts

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Glastonbury Arts - a customized WordPress theme by Salmon River Consulting, LLC

When the Glastonbury Art Guild updated its name to Glastonbury Arts, its visual identity got refurbished as well. Salmon River Consulting worked with the president of Glastonbury Arts, Katherine Simmonds, who designed the new logo and created the visual concept for the web redesign with board member Jim Aresco. Salmon River Consulting then updated the WordPress template to match the new design. The result: a modern look and feel for Glastonbury Arts. See before.

Let me tell you . . . I have worked with technical implementers who didn’t get the subtleties of placement and proportion and you do get it. In my limited experience with designing and revising websites from the technical side, I know that there are so many places where this could have gone all wrong. You did a positively superb job. Thank you.


Katherine Simmons
President, Glastonbury Arts

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